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Stapleford in Nottinghamshire is located in the Erewash valley, close to the Derbyshire-Nottinghamshire border and approximately halfway between Nottingham and Derby.
Stapleford in Nottinghashire is located  aproximaely half-way between Nottingham and Derby
The name
Stapleford is thought to originate from 'the post by the ford', so it's not surprising that it is a common English place name and there are thought to be some 17 Staplefords across the country.

Stapleford's history can be traced back to before Norman times and is mentioned in the Domesday survey of 1086. A stone Saxon cross dating back to around 700AD stands in St Helen's church yard. Stapleford is also the home of the Hemlock Stone - there is debate on how this stange geological feature was formed and is felt by many to have been used as a site of worship by the Druids.

During the 20th century Stapleford developed from a village, with a farm at the crossroads marking the village centre, to a  small industrial town, but the late 20th century saw much de-industrialisation. In recent years however, re-generation of Stapleford has been prominent and we have many local businesses listed on our Business Index page and are still adding more.


Various photos of Stapleford, Nottingham Nottinghamshire, England.

Stapleford is near the geographic centre of England & Wales. The M1 motorway, main railway line and East Midlands Airport are all within a few miles and major new developments are planned for the Nottingham Tram network.

Stapleford has exemplary education institutions on its door step. The University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University and the University of Derby are all within 30 minutes travel time, and the local secondary school George Spencer School and Technology College has gained a reputation for achievement and has been designated 'Leading Edge status'. Estate agents now cite it as a selling point for houses within its catchment area.

Stapleford is a friendly 'close-knit' community-based town and is surrounded by countryside. You can see green fields and trees from  most streets in the town with the Erewash Canal and River forming the western  boundary. If you are considering relocating to Stapleford, see here for typical house prices.

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