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Stapleford Alliance Party


Stapleford Alliance is a group of like-minded people from many different backgrounds, who have formed a party for the people of Stapleford, as we believe that a Town Council should not be a place for ‘mainstream politics’.

We dearly want to see the town flourish and prosper as it once did. The town does have lots of positives and we want to build on them and the town’s heritage.

We will be fielding a number of candidates throughout Stapleford in the forthcoming elections for positions on Stapleford Town Council and Broxtowe Borough Council; so look out for our symbol.

So with your help we can make a difference!

We welcome any ideas that you think would most improve Stapleford?

Please feel free to send us any suggestions.

Visit our Website:



Our Logo

This symbol represents the three wards of Stapleford.

North, South East and South West, and as such we have chosen it for our logo.

Our members come from all walks of life, being a friendly group, we always welcome new members.