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General/Local Elections 2015 - Broxtowe Candidates


Stapleford Town Council Elections 2015

Candidate details for the Stapleford Wards

- Stapleford North
- Stapleford South East
- Stapleford South West

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Stapleford Town Council - North Candidates



Stapleford Alliance



Sharon Ensor

Hi, I am Sharon Ensor, I have lived in Stapleford for 12 years with my husband Paul and two children Lena and Jake.

I have worked as a retained fire fighter for Stapleford for 5 years and during this time attended many community events. I now work as a volunteer coordinator for Voluntary Action Broxtowe.

I am a member of an amateur theatre group, an animal lover and enjoy making jewellery. I am passionate about the town that I live in and hope to help it prosper.

The Stapleford Alliance is just what this town needs, and we will all work hard for the people of this town.

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Jan Goold


Stapleford Alliance

Amanda Hull

Amanda is 49 years old and married to Brian and have three children. Originally a Liberal Democrat. Amanda has been a Stapleford town Councillor since 2011. During this time she has been Town Mayor leasure eing Mayor as well as vice- chair of Finance and a representative for the council on the Broxtowe Women’s project.

In 2014, Amanda left the Liberal Democats party to become an independent, as she felt that it no longer had the local people’s best interests at heart.

Amanda is the representative for "Dig In", a voluntary organisation that runs a local allotment project that prides itself "green". Currently a new project is underway, to which Amanda has been instrumental in obtaining the funding from the council, the aim is to bring a little bit of the countryside into our town by creating a wild flower meadow for everyone.

Currently a member and founder of both Stapleford Alliance and Stapleford Carers Forum. Amanda wanted to create a support network for parents and carers like herself, who have a child or children with Special Educational Needs.

Amanda passionately believes that Stapleford Alliance is the party of the future, for both the town and the people. If elected onto the Borough Council, Amanda aims to use her skills and knowledge of local issues to make a difference to the wider community.

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Stapleford Alliance



Kim Hull

Hi. My name is Kimberley Hull. I am 19 years old and have lived in Stapleford all my life.

Currently I am studying Special Educational Needs and Inclusion at the University of Northampton, so that I can use mynewfound skills and knowledge to benefit the educational settings and provisions back in my home town.

As being a younger member of society I can offer a fresh and new way of thinking, which will incorporate both the old and new (the best of both) to create an inclusive town which will benefit all generations.

With one parent being on the council, I have first-hand experience of what goes on in the chambers but unlike them I don’t have a political bone in my body.

I believe that the role of a town council is to put the people in the centre and make sure that we are doing everything in our power to make life a safe, happy and enjoyable one.

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  John Longdon


  Richard MacRae

Richard was elected on the Stapleford Town Council in January 2014.

Richard has lived in Stapleford all his life and attended Frederick Harrison Infants, Stevenson Junior School, Bramcote Park Comprehensive and colleges in the Nottingham area.

Previously employed as a doorman, Richard is now retired due to ill health.





Martin Plackett

Stapleford Alliance



Susan Roome

Hi, my name is Susan Roome. Born and bred in Stapleford, I have a variety of knowledge and experience through working various jobs throughout my life. For the last twelve years I have helped and supported young people with Special Educational Needs, at the Arthur Mee Centre. Currently I am volunteering at the Helpful Bureau on Church Street.

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Stapleford Alliance


Leon Smart

Hello, my name is Leon Smart. I have lived in Stapleford with my partner and child for many years. The reason why I want to stand is so that people with disabilities are represented. As I feel that there is not enough awareness and facilities in the town. Not only that but making sure that you have access to information, which will benefit you and your family.

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Stapleford Alliance


Jennifer Towle

Hello. My name is Jennifer Towle. I am 74 years old and along with my partner, I have been a resident of Stapleford for many years.

As a mature citizen, I have observed the many changes and developments of our town. And have come to the conclusion that whilst politics is important it shouldbe focused on the people. Hopefully with my life-long experiences I can represent those like me and be their voice, as well as understand the views of the young, to create a better Stapleford.

We all feel that No local council should be represented by one political party. All councillors should work together for the benefit of our town and residents. And not for individual gain or party politics. So why have the Labour Party NOT put candidates up in the North for the parish council this time round?

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Stapleford Town Council - South East Candidates




Sally Brealey


Stapleford Alliance


Robert Browne

I’m Bob. I am a nurse, who moved to Nottingham to do a course 30 years ago, but met my future wife, and stayed. I have witnessed the problems to health when inequalities of housing, environment and social net-works are disrupted-you could say that I am ready to look after a different type of ward!

When we told people we were moving to Stapleford. We were surpised by the negative reactions for some folk, an attitude still shared by a certain local radio presenter…but we can’t understand why. We found a vibrant community, made many friends, had good schools, where our children have grown up, gained jobs and socialized locally..As a keen (but not good !) runner, walker and cyclist, I feel it is important to maintain open spaces and green links between urban areas. After all, we need homes in Stapleford, not just houses.

I found the Stapleford Alliance attracted me, as just like many of you, I am disenchanted with the main parties. Our local area is too important to trust to politicians.

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Stapleford Alliance


  Paul Ensor

Liberal Democrats


David Grindall

First elected to the Town Council in September 2005 and retained his seat in 2007 and again in 2011. David was also elected to serve as a Broxtowe Borough Councillor in 2011.

David was born in Gosport, Hampshire but has lived in the Town for a number of years.

Town Mayor, 2008/2009 he thoroughly enjoyed this experience and repeated the experience serving as Town Mayor during the municipal year 2013/14.

David is Chair of the Finance and General Purposes Committee and also serves on the Planning & Environment and Personnel Committees.

His many interests include involvement with the Montrose Court Community Centre, the Stapleford Combined Services Organisation and Lions International.


Stapleford Alliance


Eric Brian Hull

Hi; my name is Brian Hull, I am 51 years old and I have lived in Stapleford all my life, with my wife and children.

Coming from a working middle-class background, I understand that family is important. Because of this, I wish to represent the hard-working family man’s point of view and to help and support the people of Stapleford.

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Stapleford Alliance



Joy Kidger-Preston



Stapleford Alliance


Dave Pearson

Dave was born in Stapleford in 1949 and has lived in Stapleford for most of his life, as did his parents. Dave worked as an Electronics Engineer for some 15 years then as a Schoolteacher teaching Mathematics and Science.

Dave has been a town councillor for the Stapleford South East ward since 2006 and has served as Chair of Planning and Deputy Leader of the Town Council; also as a Member of the Finance and Personnel Committees.

Dave resigned from the Liberal Democrats in 2013 because of their support for building on Field Farm and the Core Strategy.

Dave continued to serve as an Independent Councillor and in that capacity attended the public enquiry into the Core Strategy throughout in order to represent the people’s views, and was the only Stapleford Councillor to do so. Dave has been a Governor at William Lilley School since 2006.

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  Christopher Rice



  Adam Stockwell




Stapleford Town Council - South West Candidates





Eileen Atherton
Stapleford Alliance


Helen Brett

I'm Helen. I believe that my being of a young age gives me an advantage with the younger constituents of Stapleford. I am capable of sympathising with them and understanding their needs better than many others. I believe that the younger generation need to be heard as whatever we do now impacts them the most in the future.

I strongly believe that there needs to be more done to help and aid the younger generation than is already being done, and that there needs to be more activities and places to go that are aimed at them and I feel I am the right person to ensure that this is done.

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  Andrew Britton
Stapleford Alliance


Jane Cousens

Hello there, My name is Jane. I grew up in Stapleford and have continued to live here all my adult life.

In this time, I have seen the Stapleford community break down from the close knit community it once was. I have witnessed first hand the drastic amount of shops closing down, businesses falling through and seen what was once a beautiful town become a dark shadow of its former self.

I wish to be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem. I want to see the town of Stapleford healed and grow and return back to its former glory.With your help I believe that we together can work wonders and help to turn this dream back into a reality.

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Ray Darby

Ray was born and brought up in Beeston. However, family ties brought him to Stapleford weekly from an early age.

Stapleford has been home with his wife, Maureen for the last 41 years. Both of his children attended Fairfield and George Spencer Schools. Ray has served as a Governor at Fairfield School for the last 16 years and helps out regularly with badminton coaching and also runs a Junior Badminton Club at Chilwell Olympia which has been in operation for over 35 years!

Ray started work as an apprentice joiner in 1957 and finished as a Clerk of Works in Building and Civil Engineering spending over 25 years at a Government Agency at Chetwynd Barracks. Ray now works part time for a firm of Clerk of Works.

Ray has been associated with Stapleford West and the Town Council for the past 16 years. He is currently the leader of the minority group on the Town Council and was elected to serve as Town Mayor in May 2011.

During the municipal year 2014/15, Ray will serve as Deputy Town Mayor.


Stapleford Alliance


Elizabeth Epton

Hello there, my name is Elizabeth but you can call me Eppy.
I am a young active go getter with a positive attitude and huge love for the community spirit. I really wish to see Stapleford bloom and grow and will do anything in my capabilities to ensure that it does so.

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Stapleford Alliance


Jacqueline Frost

As a disabled person living within Stapleford, I would like to bring the concerns of the disabled to the council. Being confined for a large majority of the time to a wheelchair, I feel that more needs to be done for us and for our carers.

I feel that due to my position of having been disabled for many years and having two disabled young boys of my own, I can address the needs of others like me better than an able-bodied councillor may do and can ensure that the other disabled people of Stapleford are represented fairly within the council.

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Stapleford Alliance


Simon Frost

Hello I'm Simon Frost. I'm a carer for my wife and two children that both have Autism. I care passionately about Stapleford and the people that live within our community.

We have lived in Stapleford for the last fourteen years and over this time I have witnessed the steady decline of a beautiful town. Shops and other businesses have been struggling and unfortunately closing down and this needs to be rectified.

I truly wish to help bring life back into our community and bring the people of Stapleford back together as a close knit community like it once was. Along with everyone else within our party, I believe that a Town Council is not a place for mainstream politics. Thus said, this is why we have formed The Stapleford Alliance. I want to represent you, and be accountable to only you, the people of Stapleford, not to hide behind a large party and the voices of the few. So this being said, I truly hope that this May, I can count on your vote and we can start to breathe fresh life back into Stapleford

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  Ian Lawton


John McGrath

A Stapleford lad, his family has been resident in the Town for many years. John is married and his daughters attend George Spencer School. Well known for his commitment to local youth football, he promotes this activity for both boys and girls.

For a number of years employed at Toton Sidings he is now a publican.

John was elected to both the Town Council and Broxtowe Borough Council in 2007 and re elected representing Stapleford West on both authorities in 2011.


Stapleford Alliance


Alan Mills

Hello there I'm Alan. My late wife started The Stapleford Alliance with Amanda Hull and it was her wish that her legacy carries on and this is my intention.

I wish to ensure that the people of Stapleford are represented fairly and their needs and wishes are heard. My aim is to ensure that the community of Stapleford grows ever stronger and improves year up on year.

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Joanne Townend