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Broxtowe Elections 2015

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Elections will take place on 7th May 2015 for:

  • Member of Parliament for Broxtowe
  • Broxtowe Borough Councillors
  • Stapleford Councillors

If you are a candidate/party standing for any of the above positions and would like your details and manifesto for Broxtowe posted on this page, please contact

MP for Broxtowe Candidates

Nick Palmer - Labour candidate for Broxtowe - 2015 General Election

Nick Palmer - Labour

Nick Palmer was the MP for Broxtowe from 1997 to 2010, during which time he was Parliamentary Private Secretary to Ministers in the Departments for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Trade and Investment; and Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. Nick is an active animal rights campaigner.

Nick Palmer's key strategic challenges for Broxtowe in the the coming years.

Boosting Stapleford and Kimberley. Both towns have their own distinctive identities which need to be reinforced with regeneration and new employment opportunities. In particular, we need to tackle the traffic issues across the west and north of the borough.

The Nuthall roundabout bottleneck hasn’t gone away and the more development we get west of the M1, the more the problem will grow. Either we do need a tram extension from Phoenix Park to Kimberley, or we need road improvements, or both.

And if the HS2 project does go ahead, there will be dramatic knock-on effects for traffic from Toton, Trowell and Stapleford: these need to be anticipated and addressed, not just postponed to be worried about later. Similarly, I’ve submitted a petition to get the future open-cast traffic at Trowell routed off the country lanes, directly onto the M1.

Dealing with HS2. I’ve discussed this in an earlier article. It’s going to be the major challenge to Broxtowe in the next 5-10 years. It’s absolutely essential that Broxtowe’s MP scrutinises the plans critically and works with councillors and the general public every step of the way.

Reviving Beeston. Whether we like or dislike the tram project, the development has been a nightmare for the town. It is going to be absolutely critical that when the project finishes, the town moves swiftly to revive a sense of dynamism and prosperity, with a really imaginative Phase 2 development giving reasons for people to use the new link to come to Beeston. I’m glad to have contributed to bringing the University into the equation through the “New Deal” meeting last year, and in the long term I hope to see Beeston as a “Left Bank” of Nottingham, a thriving cultural centre with attractive and varied enterprises in an environmentally-friendly surroundings that people will want to visit.

Deciding our long-term role.
Placed between Nottingham and Derby, we are at risk of urban sprawl, not just physically but also psychologically – we could easily drift towards being a dormitory for the two cities. We have a distinctive tradition that we need to defend, and I would oppose any Government moves to merge us into any kind of metropolitan authority. That doesn’t mean that cooperation isn’t sensible – the current Government idea to have transport and other issues jointly planned by Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire is fair enough. But we need to be proud of our area, and make it a distinctive resource for people to come to, rather than an appendix to the cities.



Anna Soubry, Broxtowe MP candidate for the 2015 general election

Anna Soubry - Conservative

Anna was born in Lincoln, and for much of her early career worked as a regional TV reporter.

Anna was the Conservative Party candidate for the Gedling constituency in the general election of 2005.

In 2010, Anna was elected MP for the Broxtowe constituency with a narrow margin (0.7%) over Nick Palmer (Labour).

Anna was appointed Under-Secretary for Personnel, Welfare and Veterans in October 2013.

Anna Soubry's voting record while serving in Parliament during the past five years (2010-2015) can be found here >




Stan Heptinstall - Liberal Democrats

Stan knows the Broxtowe constituency very well. He has been a borough councillor for 24 years representing Bramcote, a county councillor for 18 years representing Bramcote and Stapleford, and for 16 years he has served on Stapleford Town Council.

In 2014 he was elected Mayor of the Borough of Broxtowe. Stan says: "I have always enjoyed helping people as their council representative and being involved in shaping council policies, and I feel I have done a good job. But my year as Mayor has been the highlight of my career.

As Mayor I visited many people, groups and organisations throughout the Borough and I have been heartened by what I have seen - people doing great things within their own communities in so many different ways. It has been a real delight to see all the good work that goes on.". More...

Liberal Democrats manifesto for Broxtowe > pdf file


David Kirwan - Green

David was born in Nottingham and now lives within the constituency in Kimberley where he is a Town Councillor. He works for the trade union UNISON within the NHS in Lincolnshire.

David said: “I am delighted to be the Green Party candidate, there are major issues facing Broxtowe that could alter the area forever and these need to be properly debated.”

“Broxtowe deserves an MP that will fight on local issues and a government that will protect the NHS, and abide by its promises and its principles even when the going gets tough.”

“My job is to make sure that Broxtowe understands the Green Party has a comprehensive and budgeted range of anti-austerity policies in addition to our well known stance on the environment.”

“The 2015 election will see smaller parties making great strides as the public become increasingly disillusioned by Labour and Conservatives, the choice is clear more of the same by electing the current or previous MP or a new way of doing politics in a positive and progressive way by voting Green.”’





Frank Dunne - UKIP

I believe in Britain. I am a director of a local business, a husband of 32 years, and a father of two grown up daughters.

I am a Christian but accept everyone's right to have a different faith or no faith. I love my country, respect its laws, and celebrate its customs and traditions. It's time to get our country back.


  Ray Barry - Justice for Men and Boys



Broxtowe Borough Council Elections 2015
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