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Stapleford Town Councillors

Election Results May 7th 2015
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Stapleford Town Council, North Ward

Councillor Party Votes Cast 'E' Represents Elected
Ensor Sharon Elizabeth Stapleford Alliance 860 E
Goold Jan The Conservative Party Candidate 774 E
Hull Amanda Jane Stapleford Alliance 793 E
Hull Kim Stapleford Alliance 689  
Longdon John The Conservative Party Candidate 815 E
MacRae Richard Danny Independent 1026 E
Plackett Martin Ernest The Conservative Party Candidate 675  
Roome Susan Elizabeth Stapleford Alliance 756 E
Smart Leon Stapleford Alliance 749  
Towle Jennifer Stapleford Alliance 442  
Stapleford Town Council, South East Ward
Councillor Party Votes Cast Elected
Brealey Sally Catherine
The Conservative Party Candidate 868  
Browne Robert Timothy Stapleford Alliance 1144 E
Ensor Paul David Stapleford Alliance 1028 E
Grindell David Liberal Democrats 1083 E
Hull Eric Brian Stapleford Alliance 981 E
Kidger-Preston Joy Stapleford Alliance 660  
Pearson Dave Stapleford Alliance 1170 E
Rice Chris The Conservative Party Candidate 993 E
Stockwell Adam William
George Albert
The Conservative Party Candidate 946  
Stapleford Town Council, South West Ward
Councillor Party Votes Cast Elected
Atherton Eileen Hepworth The Conservative Party Candidate 700  
Brett Helen Stapleford Alliance 734 E
Britton Andrew James The Conservative Party Candidate 701 E
Cousens Jane Alison Stapleford Alliance 651  
Darby Ray Labour Party 1150 E
Epton Elizabeth Paige Stapleford Alliance 653  
Frost Jacqueline Joan Stapleford Alliance 657  
Frost Simon David Stapleford Alliance 624  
Lawton Ian Labour Party 954 E
McGrath John Liam Labour Party 1271 E
Mills Alan Frederick Laurence Stapleford Alliance 632  
Townend Joanne Michelle Labour Party 974 E

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